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i-Pathways Offers

Content that is:

  • aligned and vetted for the GED®, HiSET™, and TASC™.
  • engaging and comprehensive instruction in the areas of Language Arts (Reading and Writing) Math, Social Studies, and Science and Consumer Education.
  • appropriate for learners at the ABE level through the ASE level.

Placement test to identify strengths and weaknesses and guide students to the appropriate lessons.

Learning checks with feedback to complete the instructional loop that begins with placement.

Communication tools to facilitate instruction and assist students with meeting their educational goals.

Tools to monitor progress.

An accessible and mobile friendly learning management system.

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i-Pathways Meets Your Needs

Programs & Organizations

i-Pathways is a web-based system that provides engaging content housed in a robust system ensuring that programs can deliver instruction at-a-distance, in a blended learning environment, or as a classroom supplement.

Correctional Institutions

Using a secure network, correctional facilities and county jails throughout the country can connect to i-Pathways and use the robust and engaging curriculum.


i-Pathways Oasis is an innovative solution that delivers all of the i-Pathways curricula, features and functionality to your computer lab environment on a single, unique device without the need for a connection to the outside world.

Individual Students

i-Pathways provides students with the opportunity to set an individual study schedule and prepare for all portions of the High School Equivalency Exam.

i-Pathways Curriculum

TASC GED Procert

Approved by the GED Testing Service, The Education Testing Service for the HiSET™, and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC™); i-Pathways has a proven record of including College and Career Readiness curriculum that is engaging and meaningful. The essential skills embedded throughout the content ensure students are workplace ready.

Reading Through the Content Areas

Building academic skills by developing reading strategies in content areas to prepare students for success in secondary education by teaching vocabulary and reading strategies, offering learning checks, and implementing technology to create a more three-dimensional learning environment.

Basic Writing

Preparing students for the written portion of the test, this module includes instruction in the organization of ideas, language development, writing conventions, and patterns of development.

Basic Math

Preparing students with the foundational skills in math, this module includes instruction in number sense and introductions to algebraic thinking.

Reasoning Through Language Arts

Using an evidence-based reading approach, this module helps learners build skills in comprehension and vocabulary development through the use of research-based instructional strategies. Passages reflect a cross-curricular approach by presenting a variety of complex text in both literary and non-fiction text.


Building foundational skills in mathematical reasoning and fluency in problem-solving and procedural application, this module includes instruction in real and complex numbers, absolute values, computation and estimation with real numbers, exponents, radicals, ratios, proportions, and percentages.


Addressing the standards of the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education, the major content areas in Science include life science, earth and space, and physical science.

Social Studies

Addressing the requirements for the National Standards for History, students develop the background knowledge and content area expertise to successfully complete the Social Studies exam.

Consumer Education

Building strong financial literacy, the Consumer Education model covers topics such as finding a job, filling out wage forms, understanding taxes, resolving consumer complaints, and many more.

In addition to the curriculum, students have access to tools such as:

  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • Relevant Web Links
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Worksheets in Math and Writing
  • Extended Response Worksheets

Download the following PDF for a full listing of i-Pathways Scope and Sequence.

Scope & Sequence

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i-Pathways Guide To Digital Literacy

This is a collection of resources to assist you in developing technology skills that can be applied in the workplace or in the classroom. The i-Pathways Guide to Digital Literacy will provide you with helpful tips in the areas of keyboarding, navigating and understanding the Internet, finding employment resources, developing skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

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Life Skills

The Life Skills curriculum provides an overview of skills students need to develop in order to be workplace ready. These skills include conflict management, work preparedness, and math in the workplace.

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GED Ready™

i-Pathways is an official reseller of the GED Ready™ practice tests for the Series GED® Test.

ATTENTION STUDENTS: We are unable to sell to students at this time. Refer to your Adult Education Provider or GED® Testing Service.

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Be a part of the i-Pathways Learning Lab!

From schedules of webinars and YouTube live teacher broadcasts to tech tips to worksheets and websites for teachers, we want to help. Check in regularly to find updated information, take advantage of online office hours, read reviews of education platforms, and find professional development opportunities throughout the region.

Learning Lab

Our Story

In 2000, the Illinois Community College Board and the Center for the Application of Information Technologies at Western Illinois University partnered to plan, develop and deploy i-Pathways, a statewide online curriculum designed to provide adult education programs with the tools needed to integrate a distance learning option for adult education students as they prepared for their GED® tests. Since then, i-Pathways has grown from an Illinois statewide curriculum to a responsively designed and mobile ready curriculum that delivers both online and offline learning options for individuals, adult education programs, non-profit organizations, companies, correctional facilities, county jails, libraries, and statewide deployments across multiple continents.

In order to develop the highest quality curricula and system, the i-Pathways Team worked with an advisory committee of over 40 members from the adult education field to ensure the system was instructionally appropriate, user friendly and intuitive. Master instructors from the adult education field developed educationally sound and creative ideas that were translated into a technology based learning environment. These innovative ideas were turned into research-based curricula with instant feedback exercises, practice questions, and comprehensive learning checks by the instructional, design, and technical staff at CAIT.

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