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If your reason for completing your education is to go on to college or postsecondary training, you aren't alone. More than 60 percent of non-traditional high school completers say they intend to further their education.

Juan is approaching graduation with his High School Equivalency and is now realizing he would like to consider attending college. He is approached by his instructor and asked, "What's on your mind, Juan?"

Juan shares his thoughts, and his instructor smiles. "I think I know just the things you might need to know…" The teacher and Juan discuss the following:

  • The process Juan will go through during the transition to postsecondary education.
  • The types of postsecondary education available for High School Equivalency Test graduates.
  • An introduction to financial aid resources and transition coordinators to help begin the process of achieving his educational goal.

Key Terms

  • Postsecondary - Any education that occurs after GED®/HS diploma attainment.
  • Financial Aid - The process to subsidize or lower the costs a student will spend for education.
  • Transition - The process of moving from GED® completion to college and/or training.
  • Scholarships - Funding awarded to students based on certain criteria, such as academic or athletic performance, a particular field of study, etc.

Sample Question

Decision-making skills and goal-setting ability can help you in designing a study plan for high school equivalency test taking and can equip you with the skills needed to look ahead to your future after high school equivalency completion. Place each step in the order needed to move from the high school equivalency to completing a college education.

Apply for college
Work with college advisor
Identify the needed skills to reach goal
Set career goals
Prepare for GED
Apply for Financial Aid

Check Answer

These are the steps and the order they need to be placed.

  1. Prepare for GED
  2. Set career goals
  3. Identify the needed skills to reach goal
  4. Apply for college
  5. Apply for Financial Aid
  6. Work with college advisor

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