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There are many options for High School Equivalency graduates in the realm of post secondary education. We will be focusing primarily on college but let's look at and review a few other choices.

Trade School Training

This type of training allows the student to become specialized in a certain area with a certificate of completion, license or achievement. Jobs in this area can include welder, electrician, graphic designer, cosmetologist, nursing assistant, nurse, dental hygienist and many more.

Community College

Traditionally community college offer a 2 year Associates Degree that allows students an option to continue at four year institutions. Many community colleges also offer training programs.

Four Year College or University

Like the other two options, this option will allow for specialization but over a 4 year period with a broader focus in which you choose a "major." Traditionally students who graduate from this kind of institution earn a Bachelors Degree (the 4 year degree) in the area of their major, which will open opportunities for career choices in that field.


The military can encapsulate many of the others as it is specialized training and also offers a funding source for college when the tour of duty is completed.

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